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About CashCats

Hey there pretty PussyCat, nice to meet you! Let me tell you a little story about $CATS & Bitcoin Cash.

Once upon a time, there was a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash.. The Bitcoin Cash community grew bigger and stronger every day. People were building all kinds of cool things and applications. But then one day a team of developers thought of a cool idea to create a new side chain. A new side-chain where Bitcoin Cash enthusiast could run EVM DApps, And so SmartBCH was born!

Quickly after the launch of SmartBCH, cats from all around the world came together to create a new community called CashCats ($CATS). The $CATS token is a digital asset (SEP20 smart contract) with a fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens ever, no mints no burns. After launching CashCats everyone started telling their friends and CashCats quickly became a great success! Suddenly, we had a lot of community members wanting to adopt some $CATS. So we started distributing $CATS to the community in a free and fair manner:

  • On day 1 we sent 1,000,000 $CATS to anyone who asked, for free!
  • On day 2 we sent 100,000 $CATS to anyone who asked, for free!
  • On day 3 we sent 10,000 $CATS to anyone who asked, for free!

Currently, 875,000,000 $CATS have been distributed, and we are not done!

$CATS was also quickly listed as the first project on BenSwap, the first DEX on SmartBCH (Decentralized exchange). Here you can buy, sell, and even put your $CATS to work in a farm to earn yield from cool new DeFi applications!

Ultimately, CashCats aims to be an extension of the BCH peer-to-peer electronic cash movement & a mascot for the BCH community. We love $CATS! Our goal is to show as much love & respect as possible to everyone around the world and spread $CATS and introduce SmartBCH to as many people as possible! CashCats is a free and open SmartBCH project, and we welcome every to join!

Now, are you ready to join our "Love Revolution"?
Come join our journey, and tell a friend to tell a friend!

"Love & Respect!"

"Always & Forever"

How to get $CATS


Download a MetaMask Wallet

Download the MetaMask wallet application! It's one of the most popular wallets available. After downloading add the smartBCH network to your wallet! Full detailed instructions for setting up a wallet at Build.Cash

Set up a wallet


Send BCH to your smartBCH wallet

Transfer some BCH to you smartBCH wallet through the CoinFLEX bridge. Buy BCH on any exchange, create an account at CoinFLEX. Deposit your BCH to your CoinFlex wallet. Wait for 1 confirmation, and then withdraw the BCH to your Metamask address (press SEP20 tab at withdraw).



Swap at Benswap.cash

BenSwap is a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap BCH & other SEP20 tokens for $CATS. Click 'select a token' and pick $CATS from the list. We recommend you to always set Gas to 1.05 Gwei set the slippage tolerance to 2%.



Farm $CATS

Put your $CATS to work in a farm! Add liquidity and stake $CATS LP in the farm! You can stake $CATS with both $BCH and $EBEN for high paying yields!



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